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Wouldn’t it be great to be handed the key to your own success? With NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, that is no longer a fantasy. In fact, by the time you have read the following strategies, you will come to understand just how powerful a tool NLP really is.

NLP helps us to learn about how to set positive goals that are outcome oriented. In NLP, the focus is on understanding where the problem actually lies. We must learn to look at the problem and its true nature, and work towards solving it using the correct tools. Using NLP strategies to address and resolve these problems does hand that key over to you so that you can unlock your hidden potential and make your life the success you have always wanted.

Life Goals – NLP Style

We often are told to set goals, or come up with a direction in life. Unfortunately, most of the goals or resolutions we set are ill defined and unclear and actually set us up for failure before we have even begun. NLP teaches us to refine those goals and frame them appropriately. For example, to say that you want to “lose weight” it immediately sets you up to fail. You are describing something you want, but not what you are going to do. In NLP, goals are framed as action statements – “I can or will lose weight” is much more action oriented than “I want” which is easily sabotaged by the “but I can’t.”

Framing Your Goals Positively

Language is critical to the success of NLP. The way we describe or “frame” our goals must be stated in a positive way or, once again, we are setting ourselves up for failure. It is disheartening to the mind to set up a goal focused on a negative. “I will not eat chocolate cake” is harder to live with than “I will eat a balanced diet.” In NLP, the focus is on what you want to be the reality, not on the obstacle itself.

Take Action

No one is perfect. We all have areas in our lives that we need to make change. However, lethargy is a trap. If we set positive goals, then the next step is to actively pursue that outcome. Using a variety of NLP techniques, we can actually change how we feel and behave in situations that affect the outcome of our goals. This propels us into action and moves us towards our positive goals.

Outcome Thinking versus Problem Focus

NLP teaches us to replace negative thinking with positive thinking. This is critical to our ability to achieve our goals. If we spend all our time thinking negatively, it is very hard to make change. NLP gives us the tools to replace bad habits and negative thought with positive action. This is the way to change your path in life.

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